Join Dave, Sam, and Mae Lee as they visit Gramma and Gramps, caretakers of the Joseph Bates Home, in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The adventure begins when each child is given a special gift—and a task—from Gramma and Gramps. Using their gifts, and the kindness in their hearts, they explore the nature and history surrounding this historic home of one of the great Adventist pioneers. Follow along with them as they discover why Joseph Bates became a sea captain, how he learned the advent message, and his role in the keeping of the seventh-day Sabbath.

Not everyone is excited that Dave, Sam, and Mae have come to town. While helping Gramma and Gramps with the museum, they must contend with an especially grumpy neighbor who wants them to stay off of her land. The kids, however, are undeterred and wonder what showing kindness and the love of God could do to that old, prickly heart.

This story of family, fellowship, and kindness, which offers a glimpse into early Adventist history, will be a valuable addition to any library.