1 Oct, 2022

William Miller Day


OCTOBER 22, 2022: A special service will be held at the William Miller Farm to remember the story of our message of the soon coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. You are cordially invited to come and get inspired [...]

William Miller Day2022-10-12T12:35:44-04:00
19 Aug, 2021

William Miller Day


Sabbath July 31, 2021 was a beautiful and special day at the William Miller Home.235 visitors from New York state and the Northeast attended a one-day camp meeting, known as William Miller Day.New York Pastor Luis Soto led the [...]

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3 Sep, 2019

Oshkosh in Battle Creek


Pathfinders Come to Village Pathfinders’ Trek to or from Oshkosh Via Battle Creek It’s by far not the shortest route to Oshkosh or back from anywhere in the world but it certainly is the most constructive and informative course. [...]

Oshkosh in Battle Creek2021-01-18T18:06:19-05:00
10 Apr, 2019

Exciting Progress at the Bates Museum


Installation of the Boat Room Exhibit We are excited to share with you, that Bob Borgersen is working since three weeks to install the boat room displays in the Bates Museum. The contribution he and his wife are making [...]

Exciting Progress at the Bates Museum2021-01-13T11:02:24-05:00
17 Feb, 2019

Prophecy Trail at Hiram Edson Farm


The Relevance of the Sanctuary Truth for Today Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: and he laid it upon my [...]

Prophecy Trail at Hiram Edson Farm2021-01-18T18:06:08-05:00
5 Nov, 2018

New Roofing on the Miller Chapel


This past October a new shingle roof and brick chimney were added to the Miller Chapel. A big thank you to local church members who volunteered their time. What an answer to prayer! We look forward next to the siding [...]

New Roofing on the Miller Chapel2021-01-11T18:21:59-05:00
3 Oct, 2018

New Pavement on the Parking Lot


Work is going on! Exciting to see, how our parking lot is under construction! We need additional $50,000 to finish it with an asphalt covering.

New Pavement on the Parking Lot2021-01-11T18:17:18-05:00
23 Sep, 2018

The Southern New England Conference met at Bates


The Southern New England Conference Executive Committee  met at the Bates Site. The committee members were very impressed with the Bates site. Many of them had not ever been here before. In all there were about 25 individuals present.

The Southern New England Conference met at Bates2021-01-11T17:27:59-05:00