Pioneer Adventure Books


God's Adventures God’s Adventurers

Author: Roxy Hoehn

How would you like to meet some of God’s adventurers?

These adventurers learned that Jesus is coming soon to take people to live with Him in heaven. They were excited about helping other people get ready to go to heaven with Jesus. They were pioneers of our church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

At first, William Miller didn’t want to preach that Jesus is coming soon. But he prayed about it, and God answered his prayer right away. Then William began to tell others this good news.

Joseph Bates was a sea captain who became a preacher to tell people about Jesus’ coming. When he was almost out of food, money came in the mail so he and his wife could buy what they needed.

Feature Books

Reading List for the Quarter

Scrapbook Stories of Ellen White: $9.99

1). What did Joe want to see happen to the basket of eggs and why? Chapter 2

2). Why did Mother go to the attic to get for Willie? Chapter 1

3). Who was the man called Limpy? And what did he do? Chapter 20

Into The Blizzard: $14.95

1). Why did Jacob climb the tree and what was he chasing? Chapter 1

2). Why was Jack disowned by his family? Chapter 8

3). Why did Jack get a letter from the Canadian National Railway? Chapter 19

The King Who Couldn’t Preach: $9.99

1). What was Otho “Christian duty” according to Mother? Chapter 1

2). What did Father buy for George King? Chapter 3

3). Why was George determined to find the house with 2 chimneys? Chapter 6

Scrapbook stories Scrapbook Stories of Ellen White

Author: Ernest Lloyd

Into the Blizzard Into The Blizzard

Author: Olivine Nadeau Bohner

The King Who Couldn't Preach The King Who Couldn’t Preach

Author: Kimber J. Lantry

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