Pioneer Stories

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Written by Arthur W. Spalding to tell the children about the pioneers in the second advent movement,and the reasons why they are to carry it on.

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Pages: 194
Format: Paperback
Edition: Copyright 2012
ISBN: 9781572580428
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It is good for children to know what their fathers and mothers did; for sometimes that makes a pattern of what the children should do. This is especially true if the children are set to finish the work their parents began. And that is the reason why this book is written: To tell the children of the pioneers in the second advent movement, the beginnings of that movement, and the reasons why they are to carry on.

When this advent message began, the signs of the break-up of the world were few, but in our day they have multiplied a thousand times. The promise of Jesus that He would come again has ever been a beacon of hope to His followers; and the darker the world, the brighter the light. They who love the Lord will eagerly look for every sign that He is coming soon. Those signs are clustering fast; we have not long to wait.

The feet of the pioneers trod a rough and heavy road. They have passed away, and their tasks have become ours. Today it is the privilege not only of grown people but of children also to finish the work, to complete the journey to the City of God. May these stories of the pioneers in this great advent movement inspire many a child and youth to carry on where their fathers led the way, and soon bring the kingdom of Jesus.

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