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Update March 2020

Because of the Corona pandemic, we had to cancel our scheduled installation of the displays in the first room. In the meantime, Bob created all the shelves and drawers in his shop at home during the winter season. Siloe, our designer for the museum, created a video presentation for the boat room to turn this exhibit into an exciting and touching experience for visitors. The plan is to proceed with the installation of the displays and videos as soon as we are able to travel again.

Update November 2019

Bob has worked on the first room visitors will see to prepare it for the installation of the displays in March 2020. This room represents a warehouse in the harbor of Fairhaven and provides the historical setting for the Joseph Bates story. The wall has been plastered according to the time period and the ceiling overlaid with beams and boards. The restoration of the fireplace and the antique stressing of the floor also recreate the atmosphere of this period. We look forward to installing the displays next year.

Update May 2019

Good news! The boat room display is finished. We are so happy to be able to welcome our guests to the Joseph Bates home through this room.
All the monitors are installed and we are just waiting for the computers and the videos to make the exhibit come to life via the video shows.

We still need your financial support to finish the rest of the museum.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support to make this dream happen!

Update April 2019

We are excited to share with you, that Bob Borgersen has been working during the last three weeks to install the boat room displays in the Bates Museum. The contribution he and his wife are making to the Bates Museum is exciting and Bob hopes to finish his work within the next 10 days. We are very thankful for his service and hope you enjoy these pictures of the progress he has made.

Museum layouts

The Joseph Bates Boyhood Home will become an exciting learning experience for old and young. We are very excited about the concept and possibilities.

Look at the visions for the exhibits.