Welcome Center

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Discovery Center is the upper level. On the lower level you will find the Heritage Shoppe, a resource for purchasing apparel, audio visual  materials, collectors items, music and books. Restrooms are open in this building only.

William J. Hardy Exibit

Hear the story of African-American Adventist Pioneers – W. J. Hardy family, Anna Knight, C. M. Kinney, and others. Learn about Edson and Emma White and the stories about the Morning Star boat.

19th Century School House

This restored one-room school house operated in Battle Creek and was donated by the Battle Creek Historical Society.  In this setting experience the growth of Adventist Education from its beginings in Battle Creek in 1872.

Parkville Church

This church, originally located in Parkville, Michigan, was the first church to be dedicated after we chose the name “Seventh-day Adventist.” In this church, on January 12th, 1861, Ellen White had a vision predicting the Civil War three months before the first shots were fired.

The Log Cabin

Sense the excitement of that special day in July, 1852 when David and Olive Hewitt’s lives were changed by a sudden knock at the door, leading to an all day Bible Study with Captain Joseph Bates. This event resulted in David Hewitt, the most honest man in town, becoming the first Adventist convert in Battle Creek.

Deacon John White’s Home

In this home belonging to Deacon John and Betsy White, learn that no one is too old to change. Here Deacon John, Sunday keeping deacon for over 40 years accepted the Sabbath after long study with their children James and Ellen White.

James & Ellen White Home

Central in the Historic Adventist Village is the 1856 home of James and Ellen White where Mrs. White wrote Spiritual Gifts Vol. 1, the first edition of The Great Controversy following a vision received in 1858. In addition you will hear other stories of a family focused on Jesus.

The Second Meeting House

Here in the replicated 1857 Meeting House you will hear how God has blessed the Seventh-day Adventist Church from its outset. You will see how God took a handful of Christ centered individuals, of varying educational levels and age ranges, and used them to start a movement numbering over 21 million people worldwide.