Understanding Daniel and Revelation


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Pages: 416
Format: Paperback
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 9780816369508
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The twenty-first century could be dubbed “The Era of Uncertainty.” Few periods in earth’s history are as uncertain as the present one. In contrast, the prophetic revelations of Daniel and Revelation are filled with hope for honest-hearted people seeking to understand these troubling times.

These books are more than historical dates and facts—much more. From beginning to end, they show the hand of God in human affairs and portray Jesus Christ as the answer to the problems and challenges each one of us face. The more we learn about the prophecies of Scripture, the better we will understand our place in earth’s history and our role in these last days.

Understanding Daniel and Revelation is a comprehensive introduction to these two prophetic books, drawn from four decades of Mark Finley’s study of God’s Word. As you read these pages, you will be drawn nearer to Jesus Christ—the Author and Center of all prophecy.

The world is facing some extremely serious issues:

  • The scourge of hate and prejudice
  • Instability in the Middle East
  • Rising nuclear threats in Iran and North Korea
  • The tensions between the United States, Russia, and China
  • An unstable world economy
  • Global warming
  • Rapidly spreading worldwide pandemics
  • International food shortages
  • And a host of other regional and global problems

Millions nervously ask, “What does the future hold?”

The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation hold answers for honest-hearted people seeking to understand the uncertainties of our time. Although the world may seem out of control, prophecy reveals a God who is still in control. And Mark Finley’s new book Understanding Daniel and Revelation contains the secrets to unlock these ancient predictions.

But prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are not merely about mystic symbols, strange beasts, and cryptic images. Every chapter focuses on the living Christ and His ability to change lives.
Daniel and Revelation will come alive to you as you carefully study each chapter.

The Holy Spirit will enable you to see the truth from a new perspective and in a fresh way. You will understand the deep spiritual principles behind every prophecy and discover your place in the conflict of the ages. Your faith will be strengthened. And your relationship with God will be deepened.

NOTE: The paperback version of this book is smaller than the original hardback book. The internal font size is about 9pt text. The inside of the book is black and white.