Steps to Christ in Song


Set of 3 DVDs, and 3 Audio Book CDs, and a copy of Steps to Christ, produced by Fountain View Academy.

Format: DVD
Edition: Copyright 2010
ISBN: 609722651349
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Developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Creator and Savior of our world, is the single most important thing you can do. This musical video production, Steps to Christ in Song, will help you make that relationship a living reality.

Steps to Christ in Song is based on the life-changing masterpiece Steps to Christ, which has brought inspiration to millions of readers worldwide since its first edition in 1892. This is a perfect gift for those you would like to introduce to the Savior.

In this package you will receive 13 half-hour episodes filled with testimonies and songs as well as the written and audio book Steps to Christ. This Set Contains 3 DVD’s with 13 Episodes, 3 Audio Book CD’s, and a copy of the book Steps to Christ.

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