“Moses was a type of Christ.  He received the words from the mouth of God, and spoke them to the people.  God saw fit to discipline Moses in the school of affliction and poverty, before he could be prepared to lead the armies of Israel in their travels from Egypt to the earthly Canaan.  He manifested no human weakness or imperfection; yet he died to obtain for us an entrance into the Promised Land.” – Sign of the Times, March 31, 1881.  “Meek and Mighty, the Man Moses” is a compilation of Ellen G. White writings on the life of this Biblical hero, Moses.  Through her writings, readers can follow the life of this extraordinary man, finding lessons to be learned from not only his successes but his failures as well.  Moses was no perfect man, but he led a life of complete service to Christ and is counted among the great leaders of Christianity.  This compilation is taken from a series on the life of Moses in “The Signs of the Times”, along with complimenting excerpts from “Patriarchs and Prophets”.  The chapters are short and are excellent for personal study or worship groups.