“What a book this is!  Understanding the theme in this book will be a shield against the thousands of delusions sweeping the Christian world; especially the many forms of seductive spirituality. Because the fog of war surrounds the great controversy, this book will give the reader instant tests to discern truth from error.  Here you will find truth and loving-kindness in perfect balance. Knowing evil’s battle plan may not guard against bruises, but it surely will provide hardy reasons to remain loyal.” – Jay Gallimore, President, Michigan Conference of Seventh–day Adventists
“In postmodern times, when the world and the church seek after a fresh experience of Christianity, Dr. Herbert Douglass’s clear and deep analysis of Ellen White’ understanding of the great controversy theme will provide honest seekers with the indispensable big picture from which to frame their quest after truth.  Many will find this work to be useful also as a tool to find the real God of Scripture hidden behind the maze of conflicting theological and ministerial traditions accumulated through the history of the Christian church.” Fernando Canale, Professor of Theology, Andrews University Theological Seminary
“This volume is a first, and long needed.  I commend it to everyone who truly wants to understand the life-and-death issues of living and salvation.  The reader will be amazed by how much he or she will discover about the great controversy, never known before.  This gold mine of spiritual understanding is accompanied by a comprehensive index to assist in finding just the right line or subject for which you are looking. Totally unique and invaluable to the casual and serious student alike.” – Tom Mostert, Retired president, Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists