What is done in the present creates both history and future.

1832    One middle-aged farmer began preaching that Jesus was coming soon.

1844    One frail teenage girl related the first vision given to her by God.

1846    One retired sea captain published a little book on the seventh-day Sabbath.

1849    One penniless itinerant preacher created an eight-page pamphlet to bring light to those in darkness.

And so it began. Ordinary people—who lived extraordinary lives of dedication to God—pioneered a little movement that swelled into a worldwide denomination that is now comprised of more than 15 million members.

In this unique devotional George R. Knight reintroduces us to our spiritual ancestors. They weren’t perfect. They weren’t all easy to get along with. But they shared one common goal—telling others about the soon-coming Savior.

But as in any family, it’s all too easy to forget where we’ve come from; to forget the struggles endured by those who have gone before us; to take for granted the inheritance they left to us. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of the true value of their legacy. In shaping the future of Adventism, these intrepid pioneers molded not only our history, but our present. And as we reflect upon our past, perhaps we should also contemplate the future to which we are each contributors.

Watch part of an interview with George Knight from Hope Channel’s Between the Lines series: