Bible stories from the New Testament about the Early Church. This album brings the Pentecost, Peter, James, John, and the life and missionary journeys of Paul “to life.” (Album Details: 8 CDs  Each episode is ~30 mins; Narrated by Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue; Cover art direction & design by Ed Guthero / Illustrated by Darrel Tank)

1 Tongues of Fire
2 Angel in Prison
3 The Persecutor From Tarsus
4 Miracles Greater than Magic
5 Captured at Damascus
6 The Turning Point
7 A Woman Named Gazelle
8 The Great Escape
9 The Great Adventure Begins
10 Adventures in Stormy Mountains
11 The Stoning of Paul
12 Songs in the Dungeon
13 Slave Boy of Corinth
14 Riot in Ephesus
15 Paul, A Prisoner
16 The Stormy Battle