Stories of My Grandmother


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Ella May Robinson. Firsthand account by one of Ellen White’s grandchildren, it gives insights into the personal life of Ellen White.

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Pages: 200
Format: Paperback
Edition: Copyright 1967, 1995
ISBN: 9780828009591
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What is it like to have a prophet for a grandmother?

Ella Robinson knew. Her grandmother was Ellen G. White. In Stories of My Grandmother she tells what Ellen White was like as a grandmother and real person.

Although God had given Mrs. White great responsibilities, she still found time to be the kind of grandmother any girl would dream of. She knew when a tired little girl would enjoy an apple or peppermint or help in cutting out a picture from a magazine.

Mrs. Robinson also relates interesting experiences from Mrs. White’s life. She tells how God chose Ellen as a young girl to be His prophet and the many struggles with poverty and sickness she went through.

When the Seventh-day Adventist Church first started, the United States was a land of pioneers. Mr. and Mrs. White rode in open buggies, on trains that often wrecked, and on small boats that storms would toss about. They had many exciting adventures as they carried messages from God from place to place. Later Mrs. White journeyed to Europe and Australia. Wherever she went, she was a friend to boys and girls.

Young people who know Ellen G. White only as a picture in a schoolbook or a name the minister mentions in a sermon will discover she was someone they would have enjoyed being with.

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