Stories of famous people from American History including: Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Booker T. Washington, Dr. Walter Reed, Charles Lindbergh and more. (Album Details: 12 CDs; Each episode is ~30 mins; Narrated by Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue; Cover art direction & design by Ed Guthero / Illustrated by Darrel Tank)

1 Beyond the Horizon (Christopher Columbus Part 1)
2 The Disappearing Light (Christopher Columbus Part 2)
3 Mutiny of Alonzo (Christopher Columbus Part 3)
4 Columbus in Chains (Christopher Columbus Part 4)
5 Persecuted and Betrayed (Early Pilgrims Part 1)
6 The First Thanksgiving (Early Pilgrims Part 2)
7 The Spirit of the Stars and Stripes
8 The Runaway Boy
9 America’s Arch Hero Makes a Speech
10 Billy Scott Faces the Firing Squad
11 Yellow Jack, The Giant Killer of Men
12 Fury in Petticoats
13 Yankee Woman (Part 1)
14 Yankee Woman (Part 2)
15 Tom Edison, The World’s Greatest Inventor
16 The Edward Bok Story
17 Alexander Graham Bell (Part 1)
18 The Dead Man’s Ear (Alexander Graham Bell Part 2)
19 Bicycles and Kites (Wright Brothers Part 1)
20 Partners in Flight (Wright Brothers Part 2)
21 The Man Without a Country
22 The Spirit of St. Louis
23 Little Bad Legs, The Boy Who Would Not Give Up
24 The Ugly Duckling of Baseball