The Hebrew slaves are free at last!  But after a wonderful surprise and exciting farewell to Egyptian friends, Asher and Zara must trust God to do the impossible again and again.  Will the fierce Egyptian army kill or recapture them–or is this the beginning of the greatest adventure of their lives?  Can they survive the threats of starvation, thirst, treachery, and warfare with vicious desert tribes?  Can they cling to “fierce faith” in a loving and powerful God amid the challenges and uncertainties of the of the wilderness?

Witness the satisfying finale as God pours out justice and mercy together to end their Egyptian bondage forever.  Listen to the multitude sing praises to their loving Creator, Shepherd, and Warrior King.  Discover the secret key to everlasting joy in the midst of all of life’s wildernesses.  Find out how “faith grows best when there is much to fear.”

Your vision of the patient, victorious love at the heart of the universe will never be the same.

With its blend of exciting story and optional thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter, “Desert Glory” is perfect for: family worships,  Bible classes,  homeschool assignments, and personal reading.

For ages 9-109!