The Unknown Prophet


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Before Ellen White, God chose William Ellis Foy

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Pages: 218
Format: Paperback
Edition: Copyright 2013
ISBN: 9780828027427
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More than 25 years ago society was introduced to William Ellis Foy. Foy was an African-American minister of the nineteenth century whom historical records had generally overlooked.

The popular book The Unknown Prophet demonstrated that Foy received powerful revelations from God about coming tribulation, judgment, and heaven awaiting those who were faithful to God. Foy’s message was straightforward—be faithful, because Jesus is coming again!

The groundbreaking research in The Unknown Prophet did much to clear up misconceptions and set the record straight about William Foy. It told the largely unknown story of this sensitive young man of color. Furthermore, he faced incredible trials and struggles yet faithfully fulfilled his time-specific prophetic commission during the height of the Millerite movement and went on to maintain a quiet and productive ministry until his death in the late 1800s.

William Foy’s story, his ministry and message, still speaks today. This second edition is the response to a desire for an updated version, providing hope and encouragement for the twenty-first-century reader. It contains new and valuable documents and images, including the only known photo of William Foy’s son.

Your faith will be enriched as you read these pages.

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