James White


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At the time of this writing little was know of the life of James White.

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At the time of this writing little was known of the life of James White, whose early passing brought to the forefront the well-deserved respect and admiration of his wife, Ellen G White.

“To provide interesting, accurate, and enlightening account of James White,” Virgil Robinson was asked to dig into the early records and write this volume. Mr. Robinson, a well-known and respected writer in Adventist circles, had abundant documents as well as materials at his fingertips for research.

He, by birth, was the great-grandson of Ellen and James White on his maternal side. “This well written account, constructed from the documents of the time, makes that noble, yet very human man, live. May the knowledge of his dedication, his vision, his sacrifice, and his innate confidence in the triumph of the church, inspire the generation who must carry to its conclusion the work he, under the leading of God’s Spirit, began so well.”

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