The author sends forth this book with the hope that it may open a new world to its readers.  The prominence given to the Church in the Wilderness in the Scriptures establishes without argumentation the existence of such an organization, and emphasizes its importance.

Appealing for attention to this thrilling theme, the writer has sought to bring together in a comprehensive view the forceful, even if at times apparently distorted, narrative of the Church in the Wilderness in different countries.  The cumulative character of the historical proof will be clear to the seeker after truth.  Supported by the many converging lines of evidence, the author believes that he has opened new doors into the realm of history in which the providence of God has a most prominent place.

While the author has used a great number of original sources, he also entered into the labors of many scholars and writers who have gone before him.  From both theses original and secondary sources he has sought to fashion this study.  It is his aim that his information will be of value in pointing out present-day deceptions and in revealing the way to meet many insidious teachings. He attempts to make clear man’s present duty in terms of world history.