In presenting this most important subject for the consideration of the people of God, we invite the candid and prayerful attention of all who have ears to hear. It is well understood by thousands that the great disappointment of the Advent believers arose from the fact that they believed the cleansing of the sanctuary to be the burning of the earth, or some event to transpire at the second advent of the Lord Jesus; and as they could clearly establish the fact that the 2300 days would terminate in the autumn of 1844, they looked with the full assurance of faith and hope for the glorious appearing of the Son of God at that time. Painful and grievous was the disappointment; and while the heart of the trusting was bowed with sorrow, numbers were not wanting who openly denied the hand of God in the Advent movement, and made utter shipwreck of their faith.

As the subject of the sanctuary of the Bible involves the most important facts connected with our disappointment, it is worthy of the serious attention of all who wait the consolation of Israel.

Those who have any interest in the Advent movement cannot be otherwise than deeply interested in the question of our disappointment. To examine this question with candor and fairness, and to set forth the reasons why their expectations were not realized, is the object of this work.