The Midnight Cry


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Published by the Review and Herald in 1944 this reprint edition is a classic on the history of the Millerite movement.

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Pages: 560
Format: Paperback
Edition: Copyright 2000, 2005, 2013
ISBN: 9781479602346
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This work gives a detailed history and defense of the Advent Movement of the 1840’s known as Millerism, the movement from which the Seventh-day Adventist denomination sprang. The book is based on original sources, William Miller’s correspondence, contemporaneous books, pamphlets, journals, newspapers. The first half is devoted to the history of the movement, and the second half to an examination of charges made against the Advent believers, such as that they wore ascension robes, that the Millerite preaching filled the asylums, and so forth.


The book covers the following topics and more:

  • From Cradle to Army Camp
  • From Doubt to Faith
  • From Farmer to Preacher
  • Laying the Groundwork of the Movement
  • Millerism Spreads to the Great Cities
  • The First Millerite Camp Meeting
  • Interest and Opposition Increase
  • The Year of the End of the World
  • The First Disappointment
  • The Millerite Leaders—Courageous Individualists
  • The Great Day of Hope
  • The Great Disappointment
  • The Kind of World in Which Millerism Flourished
  • Did the Millerites Indulge in Fanatical Practices
  • Was Fanaticism Rampant in October, 1844?
  • Did Millerism Cause Insanity, Suicide, and Murder?
  • Old Asylum Records Offer Further Testimony
  • Did the Millerites Wear Ascension Robes?
  • Did the Millerites Set Forth Strange, New Beliefs?
  • Did the Advent Faith Miller Kindled, Die with Him?

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