Battle Creek is much more than a geographical location for the student of Seventh-day Adventist history. The name brings to mind the first institutions that shaped the future of the denomination: the world-famous Battle Creek Sanitarium and its medical founder, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg; the Review and Herald Publishing Association, the first publisher of Adventist literature; and the “Dime” Tabernacle, paid for by monthly contributions of ten cents from each member. It was in Battle Creek that the name Seventh-day Adventist was chosen and where in 1901 the fledging church, inspired by a strong sense of mission, laid the foundations of a structure that survives to this day.

This book explores the themes inspired by this significant historical setting, including the early conflicts in leadership, the beginnings of the missionary outreach of the church to groups in America and abroad and the start of the publishing, health, and educational ministries. It calls us to remember the past, to learn from not only the mistakes but also the dedication and commitment of men and women of faith, and to look forward to God’s guidance in our journey toward heavenly Zion.