Name Address Phone Vegan Vegetarian Gluten Free
Asian Buffet Hibachi Grill 5700 Beckley Rd 269-753-1887 No Yes No
Bob Evans Restaurant 5421 Beckley Rd 269-979-4144 No Yes No
Chili’s Bar and Grill 6123 B. Dr. N 269-979-8527 Yes Yes Yes
Clara’s On the River 44 McCamly St N 269-963-0966 No Yes No
Cracker Barrel 4765 Beckley Rd 269-979-3900 No Yes Yes
Denny’s Restaurant 4785 Beckley Rd 269-979-1402 No Yes Yes
Fazoli’s 5445 Beckley Rd 269-979-8662 No Yes No
La Cocina Mexicana 869 W Columbia Ave 269-969-8940 Yes Yes Yes
Mango Healthy Fruit & Food 2245 Columbia Ave Unit 102 269-883-6981 Yes Yes Yes
Old China Super Buffet 2580 Capital Ave. SW 269-963-8888 Yes Yes No
Panera Bread 2810 Capital Ave. SW 269-719-8887 Yes Yes Yes
Shwe Mandalay Burmese Cuisine 451 Michigan Ave W 269-753-1702 Yes Yes No
Subway Restaurant 10 W Michigan Ave 269-965-6060 Yes Yes No
Subway Restaurant 2718 W Michigan Ave 269-963-4126 No Yes No
Subway Restaurant 590 W Columbia Ave 269-968-1083 No Yes No
Subway Restaurant 1325 Capital Ave SW 269-969-0433 No Yes No
Subway Restaurant 4200 W Dickman Rd 269-966-6884 No Yes No
Subway Restaurant 5195 Beckley Rd 269-979-0484 No Yes No