Christian Temperance & Bible Hygiene


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Written in a time when the subject of health was almost wholly ignored>

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Pages: 268
Format: Paperback
Edition: Copyright 2005
ISBN: 1572583051
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Elder James White and his wife, Mrs. E. G. White, enjoyed speaking and writing about how true science and the Scriptures are related to one another.  Various experiences motivated them to consider questions about health and ultimately share their knowledge with others.

Written in a time when the subject of health was almost wholly ignored, the articles they wrote led thousands of people to change life-long habits.  They were also among the first to present the subject of hygiene in consistency with the Bible and Christian beliefs.

The principles presented in this book have not only stood the test of time, but have been proven to be even more accurate over the past several years by scientific evidence.  Mrs. E. G. White shared her thoughts on Christian temperance, while Elder James White wrote on the subject of Bible hygiene.

This collection of their more important writings will both inspire and instruct you in temperance and hygiene from a Biblical point of view.

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