An inspiring album about the life of Jesus–starting with His birth and continuing through to His ascension. These stories can also be found in Bible Comes Alive albums 4-5. (Album Details: 13 CDs; Each episode is ~30 mins; Narrated by Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue; Cover art direction & design by Ed Guthero / Illustrated by Darrel Tank)

1 Mary of Nazareth
2 Born Under a Star
3 The King Grows Up
4 A Voice in the Desert
5 Journey to Jerusalem
6 Happiness in Galilee
7 Jesus the Healer
8 Matthew’s Magnificent Party
9 Troubled Waters
10 The Road to Happiness
11 The Greatest Miracle
12 Prisoner in a Desert Dungeon
13 Stormy Times
14 A Boy’s Amazing Lunch & A Fisherman Who Couldn’t Swim
15 The Power of a Mother’s Faith
16 The Great Secret
17 Encounters in Jerusalem
18 The Man Who Lived Twice
19 Citizens of Heaven
20 Jesus and Mr. Too Short / Cheers for the King
21 The Great Clash
22 A Night to Remember
23 Betrayed
24 The Trial
25 The Road to Skull Hill
26 A Promise to Keep